Nauseating or Godly?

This "kumbaya" editorial from the Dalai Lama surprises me, and nauseates Sam Harris--

Nicholas Kristof, on the other hand, thinks the DL may be a living god (unless "mebbe" is weaker than "may be":

(Twitter sure is fun.)

I'm more impressed with the thinking of Buddhist sage Thich Nhat Hahn on inter-faith dialog.  In Living Buddha, Living Christ (good book!) he says when there's real dialog, each side is open to the possibility that the other is right.  The Christian and Buddhist (as it might be) aren't closed to changing their minds or determined to think they're both really saying the same thing.

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Faust said...

Anything that doesn't excoriate Muslims is going to have Harris vomiting on his keyboard. It's how he rolls.