Laura Kipnis's Controversial Book

I thought I'd write a few posts about Laura Kipnis's controversial book Unwanted Advances:  Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus.  I listened to the audio version of the book, so can't go back and check passages.  This will have to be a bit impressionistic.

Half the book is about several Title IX investigations that happen to involve philosophers. The other half is a general response to the way sexual behavior is currently constrained on college campuses, due to Title IX and campus policies.  Today I'm going to write a bit about this second, general response.

Kipnis thinks Title IX intrudes too much on the messy business of sex and romance both between students and between students and faculty.  She has a lot to say about how student-faculty relationships can lead to student-faculty marriages, and about how students are not simply exploited by powerful professors, but can be attracted to them. In fact, they can find their power and status attractive. Why is that always so terribly bad?