Interview X3

#1  My KERA Think radio interview is available here.  Correction:  of course, veal calves are surplus from the dairy industry, not the egg industry.  Entrees for vegans and omnivores who want to talk to each other:  barbecued seitan?  A nice curry?  I must have been hungry to hear the question that way.

#2  Blog interview at The Philosopher's Eye

#3  Julian Baggini asks an interesting question about interview ethics.  Suppose (contrary to fact)  I had been asked to supply the questions for interview #1 or #2.  Would that have have been a no-no, because of the resulting deception of listeners/readers?  It seems partly a question of the medium.  We expect more from an NPR interview show than from a blog.  So we draw different conclusions from what we hear/read in one case than the other.  Also, it's a matter of degree.  Some radio stations delay broadcast for  a minute or so and delete "ums", making people appear more smooth and articulate than they are.  KERA, um, doesn't, um, do that (blush).  Um-deleting is deceptive, but (surely) not unethical! If I'd suggested a few questions (I didn't), it wouldn't have been a big deal.  You can find out why he raises the question over there.

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