My First Born

Now that my second book is due to arrive in a matter of days, I am feeling just a little sentimental about my first-born, The Weight of Things: Philosophy and the Good LifeShe's been out in the world for three years now, and I'm happy to report that she's been treated quite nicely.  In the Guardian, Stephen Poole called the book "lucid...warmly written and humanely engaging" (and no, I didn't remove any nasty words to create the elipsis).

A chapter is included in Russ Shafer-Landau's anthology The Ethical Life, right next to one of my favorite ethics readings, Richard Taylor's wonderful essay "The Meaning of Life."  I blush to relate that in his companion volume, The Fundamentals of Ethics, Shafer-Landau calls The Weight of Things "an absolutely delightful book, chock full of real-life stories and interesting examples." (Did you know that January 4 is Shameless Self-Promotion Day?) 

The book must be all grown up now because it's even gone abroad. The Korean version is a very, very beautiful looking book with a very, very funny online promo.  Something was obviously lost in translation.  Soon the book's going to be translated by an Egyptian publisher into Arabic, and by a Brazilian publisher into Portuguese. 

Animalkind will be published in the UK at the end of this week and in the US on January 19.

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