Being with Animals

I enjoyed this interview with Barbara King, author of the new book Being with Animals, but listening to her talk about connecting with animals makes me think I may be animal-challenged.  One of our cats jumps up and walks in front of my computer screen about 10 times a day.  True confessions: I find this non-pleasing. Might we say that calm cats are calming, and frantic cats are...franticking?

I particularly like what she says about looking out at buffalo in Yellowstone National Park and finding something marvelous about the way they go about their business with total indifference to her. Watching them gives her a feeling of atunement not directly with them, but with the universe. E.O. Wilson's notion of biophilia comes to mind.

I used to have a major I-thou relationship with our dogs when I was growing up. A favorite thing to do was to lie on the floor and watch out basset hound Andy eat his food. Great sound effects. Are cats just a bit less I-thou?

She does a great job of answering one caller's question about vegetarianism.  I'm looking forward to reading the book.

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