Haiti Relief

I decided to donate to Partners in Health, an incredible organization, but there are lots of ways to contribute to earthquake relief in Haiti.  A list is here--

American Red Cross International Response Fund
AmeriCares Help For Haiti
Direct Relief International
Doctors without Borders
Haiti Emergency Relief Fund
Mercy Corps
Yele Haiti

Pass it on!


rtk said...

My first choice is Catholic Relief Services and my second is Doctors without Borders. I have also given to Oxfam. After the tsunami I looked into the percentage overhead of the various organizations as well as the speediness of their response. The first two were by far best and the American Red Cross at the bottom.

Jean Kazez said...

I gave to Partners in Health based on having read Tracy Kidder's book "Mountains Beyond Mountains"--which is incredible. He has an editorial in today's NYT which makes it clear PIH is on the ground and poised to help (see link as well).

Wayne said...

The American Red Cross, if judged by just their use of monetary donations is terribly inefficient.... but that's not their primary focus.... Blood donation and distribution is their primary focus, so you have to take a lot of the normal metrics used to evaluate non-profit groups out of the equation.