"Brave New Animal" Links

Thanks, Texas State-ers, for a great discussion yesterday. Here are the links I promised you--

(1) Eating Animals

Humane Society Videos  
   (see "Beef Recall")
Lots of links (at my class blog)
    reading suggestions too--see right column

(2) Altering ourselves

Meet the vegetarians
Schwitzgebel--do ethicists eat less meat?  More here.  Also this, on Bloggingheads.  The graph I showed, based on his preliminary data (click to enlarge)--

(3)  Altering treatment

(4)  Altering animals

Livestock biotech summit (starts today!)
Goat silk
Burpless cattle
Pain-free livestock (Adam Shriver's article)
The nature of pain (Donald Price)
Milk without killing?    Article in NYT is here.
Lab meat

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