Marc Hauser

Surprising news -- Harvard psychologist Marc Hauser is on leave after a panel found evidence of scientific misconduct.  Hauser has always struck me as a very careful and cautious researcher. Two of my references to him in Animalkind focus on his cautiousness.  At one point (p. 63) I discuss how in Wild Minds he (wisely) expresses reservations about using the mirror test as a measure of animal self-awareness.  At another point (p. 73), I discuss Hauser's doubts about inhibition in chimpanzees (p. 73).  I don't rely on the article that's been retracted from Cognition, but do report a separate finding of Hauser's that tamarin monkeys pass the mirror test.  Because of the investigation, doubts about that research are coming to light as well.  So--it's unfortunate I included it, but nothing turned on it, and no harm done.  Hauser is apparently working on a book about being bad called Evilicious.  Great title, interesting topic, no doubt the irony will add to his problems.

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