New Free Inquiry

I'm going to have to get my hands on the latest issue of Free Inquiry, which includes a forum on "enhancement."  Russell Blackford writes for the defense (his article is online), and Adrienne Asch for the prosecution (among other authors). There's also a column by PZ Myers on my favorite time-waster and yours, that elevator matter of yore.


Russell Blackford said...

Thankfully, PZ Myers' contribution isn't really about Elevatorgate - though it does involve the broader topic of your forthcoming book, i.e. elevator interactions. ;)

It's difficult to say anything about elevators or coffee these days without people assuming that it's to do with morally murky encounters in Dublin hotels.

Jean Kazez said...

I dragged myself all the way to a bookstore today to find that issue, and lo, they've stopped carrying the magazine. Jesus--I'm going to have to subscribe just to get one issue? They need to kindle-ize Free Inquiry!

Oh goody, elevator interactions!