More Wilco

Forget philosophy, let's have more Wilco.  They were fantastic at Fair Park Music Hall last night. (Not my video, by the way.) Next week, for something very different, we're seeing Kanye West and Jay-Z. Possible topic for my next column--Wilco vs. The Throne. Title: "The Rough and the Shiny"? Like "The Raw and the Cooked"? Right, well, I haven't had any coffee yet.  Too bad about the bad sound quality in the video, because they were amazing.


Anonymous said...

Wilco is one of my favorite bands of ever and I've yet to see them live. A friend I had when I was briefly in grad school introduced me to them. He was an uber-fan, having seen them live probably 10 times, including once while we were in school together, but before I had listened to them. I missed out big time by not going with him, I know now!

What do you think of their new album? I loved it from the first moment I heard it, but I've seen a lot of negative reactions around the web.

Jean Kazez said...

Not to rub it in, but they were really terrific live. Like on the albums, with all the weirdness and noise, but somehow more lush and intense.

It took me a few hearings to "get" the Wilco sound, but now I'm ... well, borderline obsessed. I love The Whole Love (oh wait, what's that I'm listening to right now ...it's The Whole Love!). I read the one star reviews at Amazon yesterday and can only shake my head. I guess it's the experimentation that puts people off--but it shouldn't, because it really just enhances the more accessible parts. The contrast is ingenious.