DSK Case Collapsing?

This is a shock!  OK, the accuser has huge credibility problems, apparently, but forensic evidence says there was a quick sex act.  Are we really to believe she voluntarily serviced the old geezer just for fun?  There are lots of smart comments here.


s. wallerstein said...

It's going to be his word against hers.

She has a credibility problem.

He is a distinguised VIP with a spotless record.

He is going to claim that he slipped her a 500 dollar bill after a consensual sex act of informal prostitution and that she demanded 10 grand.

His defense is going to show that she received money from a known drug-dealer previously and that he (DSK) has filed perfect tax returns for the past 40 years and can account for every euro that is in his bank account.

She may settle for a juicy sum of money before the case comes to trial.

We are never going to learn what really happened.

I would note that I live in a semi-slum neighborhood and that everyone personally knows drug-dealers and so that a woman from the Bronx knows a drug-dealer who is a jail says nothing about her personal character: part of living in a slum means that you're around a lot of small-time drug-dealers and other people with criminal records.

However, I doubt that the jury and judge will be impressed by the fact that it's impossible not to know drug-dealers if you live in certain neighborhoods.

Jean Kazez said...

Why try to predict the future now? Things are unfolding, and we'll know soon enough what we will know. A lot of what you're saying is already out of the question--he does not have a spotless record, there will probably be no trial, etc. More information is coming out even as we speak.

s. wallerstein said...

I can see that things are moving fast.

DSK has a spotless criminal record. The French woman who accuses him of attempted rape has already said that she will not testify against him.

The maid, on the other hand, apparently lied to immigration authorities.

What counts in a court-room, as far as I know, are witnesses and previous legal problems or convictions, not rumors or what "everyone knows".

So for the purposes of his trial, DSK does have a spotless record.

Jean Kazez said...

His past criminal record is definitely not all that matters. The rules of evidence are very complex, and past behavior could have come into it, even if it had never been prosecuted.