Imminent Inception

Warning: in the next day or so I'm going to write a huge rant about how much I disliked the movie Inception. See it...think about it...discussion coming soon.


Faust said...

Uh oh! This should be fun :)

Gurdur said...

Out of interest, why do you dislike Inception so much (quite apart from Brad Pitt, whom I loathe on principle)?

The blogger, The Last Pyschiatrist, had a really neat take on Inception, combined with a look back at Matrix and narcissism.

I plan to do a blog post on it as soon as I get the chance to see it myself (which is at least a week away), and after seeing it, I want to blog also bringing up the extremely good film that really set this particular genre, The Lathe of Heaven, 1980, which was made from Ursula K. LeGuin's SF novel of the same name.

So I will be very much indeed interested in your take on it, and no need to worry about spoilers, I don't mind spoilers at all.

Gurdur said...

Whoops. With regard to my last comment, I meant Leonardo DiCaprio, not Brad Pitt, sorry, my apologies, I always confuse them both, can't stand either.

Jean Kazez said...

I'll try to explain in the next day or two. By the way, my husband and both kids appreciate Faust telling me I had to see the movie. They all liked it a lot. I tried to set them straight but they didn't buy it. More tomorrow...I hope.

Faust said...

I look forward to setting you straight.