Why Me?

Why are we interested in the things we are interested in? The painting above is my mother's and she's got lots more animal art (and other art) here. Is it nature or nurture or coincidence?!


Anonymous said...

Nurture and coincidence would be my guess.

And a further question.....why are some of us apparently more interested in stuff in general than others? I mean, I am interested to some extent in nearly anything, even stuff that I wouldn't pursue by myself if it is being explained to me by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic person.......by I know a lot of people who aren't apparently intellectually curious in general and also don't seem to have many particular interests of their own.

Jean Kazez said...

I'm like that too--I actually have to remind myself to turn on the TV once in a while. Sometimes I have to ask myself why exactly I'm bothering to learn about X...And by the way, a sad thing is that I don't have a very good memory. If I did, I'd actually know an awful lot of stuff!