The Wild, Wild, West

On Wednesday my kids' school was put on "lock down," with the kids having to hide under their desks. A gunman was loose in the neighborhood. That night at my synagogue, a congregant carrying a concealed weapon accidentally dropped it and shot his daughter in the foot.

At a party recently a guy was arguing what we Americans really need is more guns. Won't it be fun when we all go around wearing holsters all the time? I certainly plan on wearing mine with a big cowboy hat.

It bothers me to have to share the planet with crazy people.


pj said...

Now perhaps it is just cos I is from a country where you can't carry concealed weapons - but isn't the safety catch supposed to prevent you from shooting your children when you drop it?

Do you get any sanctions for that kind of thing?

Jean Kazez said...

I believe I read no charges were filed against this guy. Why not make a lesson out of him...? No doubt he himself feels bad enough, but there really really ought to be a message sent to everyone. Not a public hanging, but something!