What a Philosopher Looks Like

I'm really enjoying these pictures.  They show that philosophers don't all look the same and don't spend all their time with their heads buried in books.  That's great, but hey--there is a look. Philosophers look a bit more natural, disheveled, and unconventional than most people.  The men are less clean-cut, the women are less coiffed and artificial.  There are more men than women, and white folk predominate.  Just sayin'.  I'm tempted to submit a picture, but I've got nothing too terrific--no fantastic pictures of my ass, no pictures of me dancing or with a bird on my head, no shots of me operating heavy machinery.  In short, nothing that really challenges preconceptions about what a philosopher looks like.  Sigh. I am a pretty typical looking philosopher, apart from being female.

Elsewhere in the news, and for no particular reason: I'm excited about reading The Republican Brain, by Chris Mooney. My son got it for me for my birthday (yesterday--yes, I am now older--this is so exciting!).


Wayne said...

I think all philosophers do things that aren't terribly philosophical. Get a shot of yourself while you're cooking breakfast, shopping for groceries, standing on the top of a desk while you're lecturing. :)

I think I'll submit a photo. It looks like a fun project, and I'm asian, so it'll add some more diversity. ;)

Jean Kazez said...

Oh good, I'm looking forward to that.

I'm very big on cooking Mexican food right now--so could have a cooking picture. We'll see!

Faust said...

Happy Birthday.

What's all this about philosophers being like regular people!!!

Next thing you know they'll let regular people call themselves philosophers. Sheesh.