My Sweet Lord

Song for the day is "My Sweet Lord" -- we've been having a George Harrison fest, as a result of watching the new(ish) Martin Scorsese movie about his life (which is very good).  There's something utterly ingenious about religious thinking.  I've noticed, as I age, that I'm getting more and more creaky, and it really, really sucks. Being a believer let's you think, as you fall apart, that you're getting closer and closer to meeting your lord.  "Really want to see you, really want to know you ..."  I often think it would be great to believe such things. If I ever get offered a spot in an "experience machine" I'd like to program in being a believer listening to "My Sweet Lord." It must be pretty cool. Anyhow, the song (which is sooooo good, even without belief) --

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