Sticky Music

I'm still on winter break and not quite focused, so pardon my continuing obsession with The Shins. Let's see if we can get a little reflection going anyway.  Question:  what makes their music so damned sticky?!  I adored the song below (from Chutes Too Narrow) the very first time I heard it. This morning I woke up literally hearing it.  What gives, and why is it that so many Shins songs are so immediately addictive?  If you wanted to write a very sticky song, how would you do it?  Oh hell, let's just listen.  My new goal:  see The Shins next time they go on tour.


ʞʊɨʖʯɿəʠɖɯɱɐɬɕʮʘʉɢʥʩ said...

I loved Sacks' "Musicophilia"



He talks a lot about these "earworms" as he calls them

Jean Kazez said...

Aha--I'm actually reading it now. Just read the chapter on "ear worms" (unfortunate term!). I wish there were more there about what, on a musical level, makes some music so catchy.