Everlasting Everything

Next time I teach my course on the meaning of life I will have to discuss the lyrics of "Everlasting Everything," a (swoon) fantastic song from Wilco (The Album).


Alex Chernavsky said...

My comment should probably go under the "Sticky Music" blog post, but I'll post it here:

For a very sticky song (and one of my favorites), see "Soul Meets Body", by Death Cab for Cutie:


I particularly like the chorus (first heard around 2:07 in the video above).

By the way, don't let the name of the band throw you off. This isn't death metal, or anything like it.

Jean Kazez said...

Nice example of a sticky song, and nice song, too. Maybe stickiness is a result of repetitiveness and a fairly simple melody, though I don't think that's the whole thing. Here's another entry in the gallery of sticky songs--


Love it.