Tonight I'm taking my kids and a friend of theirs to "The Throne" -- the big Kanye West and Jay-Z concert.  I'm an unexpected fan of their music, so this is gonna be fun. Only I have one small problem--how to prevent my kids from looking like kids being escorted by their middle-aged mother.  This significantly lowers the cool factor of getting to go (on a school night, even!)  The solution is a disguise, but which one? 

Maybe this? (It's called a wimple.)

 I'd fit in better with this sort of a cover up.

Then again, this hat with sunglasses could do wonders.

Except I don't wear fur.  Diane Keaton does cover-up very well.  (Needless to say, I'm a huge fan.)

A simple baboushka could be easily arranged ...

... but why not go for a little more fashion appeal?

Then again, I'm more of a North Face kind of a gal--

Truth is, probably only this would really do:

But wait a second, who paid for these tickets?

Suck it up, bitches!  (Sorry--getting in the mood for the big show.)


Wayne said...

Go as M. She makes middle age look awesome!

Jean Kazez said...

If only it were Halloween--that would help a lot. I agree--but at what price? I think Madonna works out for 6 hours a day.

Rob Dunlavey said...

Have a great time at the concert!

Jean Kazez said...

Thank you! I expect I'll have a report here tomorrow. Not sure what to expect--e.g. are hip hop fans white kids from the suburbs, like they say? We'll see!