Socratic Mama

What a great blog name!  In fact, if I had any sense (I don't) I'd have thought of that as the title of the book I'm working on.  Socratic Mama is Anne Crumpacker's blog for secular parents and kids, which originated as a result of an encounter her daughter had with Christopher Hitchens at the Freethought convention in Houston a few weeks ago.  The whole story was at Jerry Coyne's website.  I particularly think secular kids need to know there are other secular kids - they're not actually freaks.  In Dallas, it can definitely sometime seem that way.  Most amazing thing my son once heard another kid say:  atheists are people who hate life.  The youngsters need to be prepared to cope with stuff like that, without making it payback time.  Anyhow...you might like to visit.


Michael Fisher said...

Hi Dr. Kazez

It's good of you to hoist a flag for SocraticMama

I've enjoyed your blog for some months now, but I've not posted. The Pinker series & "Do we have reasons to enjoy music?" have been my favourite of late.

Thanks for feeding my brain !

~ Michael

Jean Kazez said...

Michael, It's always gratifying to discover that someone is reading!! I think the music issue is interesting too--I wrote a column for The Philosophers' Magazine about it after that post. More Pinker coming soon.