It's very hard for women to talk about their abortions publicly, and lots of nonsense and misinformation festers when something is forced into the shadows. So I want to applaud Katie Stack for writing this brave, truthful, and necessary editorial in the New York Times.  Every day, women are told lies at Pregnancy Crisis Centers, and they're forced into much unnecessary turmoil.  Some of them will wind up continuing pregnancies based on false information, when that's not what they wanted. It took courage for Katie to come out and cry foul. 

I was reminded of this editorial praising the ethics of the liars. That's all very well as a philosophical gambit, and I pondered the matter at length here, but in the real world, we need to just say no to lying about abortion.  Women are entitled to accurate information so they can make up their own minds about a procedure that is, after all, legal in all 50 states.

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