New Yorker Portrait of Derek Parfit

Beg, borrow, or steal, but if you find ethics and ethicists interesting, you must, simply must, read the portrait of Derek Parfit in the Sept. 5 New Yorker (subscribers only). This is a fantastically, deliciously strange article.  I've got to think the robotic writing style ("He did this. He did that. He did the other."), the choppiness, the absence of "place" and interaction (did Larissa MacFarquhar interview Parfit?  Where?  When?) are all deliberate.  The prose evokes the man ... or at least I think that's the idea.  Great stuff! 

p.s. Reading this a few days later, I should add--I have no idea if this portrait fits the man. I only meant to say it's fascinating, and that the writing style is odd, and that the oddness may have been a deliberate element of the portraiture.

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