Forever Young


s. wallerstein said...

When I listen to Dylan's music after so many years, including this song, what strikes me is the strong ethical, almost rabbinical, message.

"Forever young" for Dylan has nothing to do with being forever without wrinkles or forever able to dance all night: rather it has to do with maintaining the ethical force which he associates with being young or perhaps to be ethical is to be young, no matter what the age.

That reminds me of another Dylan line: "his clothes are dirty, but his hands are clean". Not a line that one would expect to find in most pop music.

Aeolus said...

70 today: that's a sobering thought. He shares a birthday with Queen Victoria and one of my brothers. Let me suggest this bit of Dylan wisdom for viewing:

Brett Hetherington said...

Dylan is probably the greatest lyricist of the last 100 years and is comparable to Shakespeare for his insight into the human animal, according to some (and certainly according to me.)

I reviewed some of his best work here:


Jean Kazez said...

"strong ethical, almost rabbinical, message"

Nice description--it strikes me that way too.

We are huge Dylan fans in my house. It always annoys me to think some people say Bob Dylan can't sing. No way!

Aeolus said...

Have a look at this brilliant spoof -- all in palindromes!

Jean Kazez said...

That's pretty damned brilliant.