Dancing in the Streets

May we celebrate?  Yes we may.  I am not celebrating anyone's suffering--that would be sadistic. I am celebrating the success of an entirely just mission.  Osama bin Laden is dead, not brought to justice--true--but apparently he was asked to surrender, and he declined.  Should I really weep over that?  No.  He had confessed to mass murder on 9/11, in fact bragged about it, and gone on to more appalling crimes.  A trial would have been only fair, but at the same time, a huge waste of money and time.  The outcome was inevitable.  I am thrilled that the mastermind of 9/11 is no longer luxuriating with friends and family--10 years of that was 10 years too many.  I am also thrilled that there actually are smart people in the US military--people who can get things done. Like Barack Obama, and the anonymous members of the Navy Seal team who pulled this off with so little loss of innocent life.  Obama got Osama....as they keep saying on Facebook. HURRAY!

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Aeolus said...

...and Barack Obama just got himself re-elected in 2012.