For people who like to teach/learn philosophy from movies, this is a good one for determinism, free will, faith, reason, death, and the meaning of life.  That's a lot of topics for one movie and it's entertaining too.  Watch without first reading a plot summary or review.   There are bound to be spoilers.


Faust said...

You know, this one didn't really work for me. It had some good stuff in it, but on balance it was a bit too deus ex machina in its plot development, and the free/will determinism stuff was pretty 101.

My own taste in free will is less oriented on big picture fate but more on the question of how identity is constitued, stuff like Memento or Existenz.

Wayne said...

Yeah the film left me wanting for more too. But I can't really get into it without spoilers, so I won't.

Jean Kazez said...

Well OK, it's not a fantastic movie, and there were (er) some plot problems, but there's some discussable stuff in there.