Obama's Speech to the Kids

President Obama is going to be addressing school children next week about the importance of working hard and staying in school. Did you know that he's going to be giving the speech in the nude? In fact, Michelle will be naked too. When he is done talking up education, they will be demonstrating some of their favorite positions on his desk. Or at least I gather as much from this article in the Dallas Morning News:

A groundswell of parent opposition to President Barack Obama's speech next week to students on the importance of education has forced many North Texas school districts to question whether to air it live in classrooms.
Obama announced the speech weeks ago, but opposition and concerns spread rapidly Wednesday morning through conservative social networking Web sites and radio talk shows.
By midday, local school districts say, they were inundated with hundreds of phone calls from parents urging them to not show Obama's speech at school.
Some parents threatened to keep their children home from school if the video was aired.
Apparently my own kids' school district here in Richardson, Texas, got wind of the X-rated nature of the presentation, and we've been sent the above permission slip. Unless I sign, they don't get to see the speech.
My feeling is: no. I don't think this kind of thing is appropriate for school age children. But me, I'm definitely watching.


Faust said...

Interesting. Why don't you think it is appropriate for school aged children. Do you think there are some ages where it is appropriate an others where it isn't?

Jean Kazez said...

Well, of course the educational message is appropriate for all.
The sex demonstration...well, I'm going to say 18 and up, and only for students taking Sexology 101. Call me narrow-minded. Call me a prude. But that's how I see it. Probably in Sweden it's different, but this is America.

Faust said...

LOL. Well done.

Tom said...

But, Jean, we know that no conservative icon would stoop to giving a political speech to school kids.

Oops, maybe we don't:


Jean Kazez said...

Would it be naive of me to suggest that Obama might see himself as having a special ability to communicate with the huge number of black kids who don't finish school? That's how I read this.

But good for the White House--they will be releasing the speech on Monday. That way school districts can find out if he's going to be reading from the Communist Manifesto.

It seems just a little strange that the Commander and Chief can send your kid off to die in battle, but he's somehow over the line if he wants to talk to them about staying in school. Weird.

Back in the dark ages (when I was in school) we regularly had school assemblies where we heard the president speak, watched shuttle take-offs, and the like. That was back when we actually thought of the president as The President, and not just as a candidate in the next election.

Anonymous said...

That #1 danger to the future of this country is the collapse of the Fourth Estate. Our political discourse is now run by children.

Jean Kazez said...



s. wallerstein said...

How lucky you people are to live in a nation where you get free porn on TV during presidential speeches! I envy you. Believe me, presidential speeches here are long and tedious, full of boring statistics, delivered by a formally-dressed adult (the president) wearing eye-glasses and sipping, yes, water (how dull can you get!).

Ophelia Benson said...

No no, you have it all wrong, it's not sex-demonstrations and it's not the CommOnist Man Ifesto, it's Satanism. And tofu.