Polls are Open

"3 Quarks Daily" is running a competition for best post at a philosophy blog. There's now a ballot up--including an entry by your humble servant--and voting continues until Sept. 7. Then there are some further judging stages, before the final coronation by Daniel Dennett. Have fun.

I can't resist commenting. I think there's some confusion about this contest. Judging from the wild popularity of some very unbloggy entries, and also from Brian Leiter's recommendations, I suspect some people think the panel of judges is looking for good philosophy that happens to be at a blog. We shall see, when the august body (headed by Daniel Dennett) makes its final decisions. My bet--the prize is going to go to something philosophically sharp, but also bloggy, like entry #1. Bloggy means--light, accessible, reasonably short, suitable for a relatively wide audience, apt to generate comments. We shall see.

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BLS Nelson said...

Leiter's criticism of some of the candidate blogs was that they were sophomoric.

Isn't that like going swimming and complaining that the water is too wet?