Eights Facts

I’ve been tagged by Ophelia Benson, and I’m supposed to list 8 random facts about myself. If you think this is a silly waste of time, ignore the fact that I tag Caroline, Carolyn Ann, enigman. the barefoot bum, richard, Clayton, pj, bitch. Also, ignore the fact that you’re supposed to (1) put 8 facts about yourself on your blog, (2) and tag 8 more people, and (3) and directly contact those folks.

Here goes—(1) I like cold places. (2) I like books about cold places, like the novels of Halldor Laxness. (3) I love my cappuccino machine. (4) I don’t think Michael Moore is “too much”. (5) I like elephants. (6) My middle name is Rahel. (7) I like debate but not all-out combat. (8) I am extremely allergic to poison ivy.

I've had a look to see who went along and y'all are good sports (as we say in Texas). It turns out to be fun to come up with 8 facts about yourself. I've learned some interesting things about you folks (most of whom I only know from blogs or comments on blogs).


Ophelia Benson said...

I didn't actually tell anyone else about the tagging. I disobeyed that rule.

But it's not a complete waste of time, because hey, I like books about cold places too. Scott and Amundsen...Jane Eyre's chilblains...it's all good.

Jean Kazez said...

Ah, that's interesting. (The not telling.)

Well, I told with a lot of disclaimers, so that's about the same. Nobody has to do this, but I thought it was fun.

Cold weather books--yum. I need to read one soon, as it's getting very hot around here.

Martin Cooke said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'll continue the meme (eventually), telling the tagged and all, although I'll also revert to doing it over 8 posts (so as to prolong the experience:)

Jean Kazez said...

Well, it was a pretty good experience. I didn't think of that.