Think with Krys Boyd (podcast)

Here's the podcast of my interview on KERA today.  Krys Boyd and I are both big fans of using tiny post-its to mark pages! Our books looked like twins.

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s. wallerstein said...

First of all, I hope that you are not in the area of Texas affected by the storm.

Thanks for the podcast interview.

I don't agree with your claim that parents don't compete with their children. Some do, good parents don't. You speak of playing chess with a child and celebrating when they beat you. When I played chess with my son, Pablo, I made bad moves in order to give him an advantage, but the only time my father, a chess champion, played chess with me, he beat me in two moves with a jeering laugh. My mother is even more competitive: she cheats at board games and unlike my father, is unable to admit that one of her children is right when there is a difference of opinion.

I agree with you 100% about raising genderless children. Here is my attempt to reason about that subject with the feminist philosophers:

It's great that one can apply philosophy to subjects like child-raising, first of all, because maybe one can learn to be a better parent and second, because thinking about things philosophically is one of the most entertaining pursuits that I know. The worst thing I can recall about being a parent was attending PTA meeting (they were obligatory) and a bit of philosophy to reflect upon while I sat through tedious meetings would have made things less of a jail sentence.

In general, I want to thank you for being one of the people who turned me on to philosophy some ten years ago. While it hasn't transformed my life, it has made it more agreeable and less clumsy.