What fun ...

... I've not been having, since I posted my blog about the backlash against feminism in the "atheosphere".  Not to be unoriginal, but we really aren't in Kansas anymore.  Moral of the story: watch who you talk to, because there are people out there who basically act like mad dogs (with apologies to mad dogs). They bark, scratch, bite, beg to be petted, whine, and them bark some more.  When you finally lose patience and try to rein them in, they get even madder. Worse, they're talking dogs, so they can go away and tell lies about you.  My mantra now: no mad dogs, no mad dogs!  I will be more careful about who I allow to comment in the future, and will moderate more strictly when the topic requires it.

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Anonymous said...

Not that it excuses any level of dishonesty, but in a time where the movement is trying to step past the drama and personal animosity, don't you think its better just to ignore and move on than bring it into focus?

Out of all the personal attacks and lies that have been hurled about in this firestorm, the one you've highlighted isn't exactly the most brazen (again not that makes it okay).

Granted its easy to say when you're not on the receiving end of anything, but I'm not sure the rhetoric of "mad dogs" is really going to help anything, its just going to make some people (some with legitimate grievances, some without) feel more combative.

The knock on consequence of this extends much beyond your blog. While I don't agree with Justicar or Maria in this instance I do agree with them on many other things, and their comments need to be taken in context of a larger amount of unpleasantness (some of which they're responsible).

Calling them mad dogs is just going to further convince them that anyone on whatever "side" they perceive you on is irrational and hateful, and encourage them to use invective as well (something Justicar especially doesn't need any more encouragement to do). They then insult someone else, who insults someone else and so on and so forth.