A Few Good Links

In the NYT science section yesterday, John Tierney had a good article about X-Phi and free will.  Shaun Nichols and Joshua Knobe studied what happens when people start to question whether there's free will.   They cheat more and don't work as hard.  Ouch. 

More X-Phi:  this is a very interesting study on whether the intuitions of ethicists are particularly firm and stable, compared to everyone else's.  Bad news:  they aren't.

Scott Atran on The Moral Landscape.  Very long...looks interesting.

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Faust said...

From Atran (and the Atran half of the two links is broken btw):

"There is, however, much playacting at science to justify a peculiar sort of Brave New World where atheism will help do away with female genital mutilation and lie detectors will preclude pleading the Fifth Amendment."

HA! HA! I say.