Happy New Year!

"2011" sure has a futuristic sound. It's like  we might finally have arrived at a time futurists were talking about a long time ago.  From the sound of it, you'd think people might be walking around with little mobile video phones and such.  Wait...

I hope you will pardon just a little navel-gazing.  Courtesy of Blogger, here are the top 10 posts here in 2010 (they began this service in June, so the ranking excludes earlier posts).


You can see the blog doesn't have a huge readership, but I've got some readers, and I appreciate everyone of you (sob, smile).   I sure do get extra readers when I write about atheism and especially when I involve myself with Giant Kerfuffles.  That sounds like a huge, fat, amorphous green thing, which isn't a bad description of the whole "TJ" affair.

How nice that "Pescatarian" got (and continues to get) so many readers.  All the views for "The Moral Landscape" reveal something interesting.  Just because people aren't commenting on a post doesn't mean it isn't being read.

Happy New Year!


ashok said...

Thanks for posting this - I've been putting links to some of your entries on reddit's Academic Philosophy community, in the hope they'd get you more readers. One example:


So yeah, it helps to know what entries are doing well, which ones not so much.

Best wishes for the new year, keep up the great work!

Jean Kazez said...

Thanks so much for doing that. I've seen traffic coming in from reddit on my visitor log and appreciated it a lot. It's great to have more readers for the more philosophy stuff on the site. Best wishes to you too.

Aeolus said...

1/1/11. Cool. And that's 1/1/11 in either UK (day/month/year) or US (month/day/year) notation. Irritatingly, Canada is not consistent in the matter, which can create confusion -- but not today!

Jean Kazez said...

The strange thing is that it didn't occur to me until I saw the date this morning. No fanfare, but here it is--an amazing date!

Faust said...

Happy New Year everyone!