God Debate, Texas Style

In defiance of the authorities, who have prohibited non-Saturday blogging, I'm sneaking in a quick post here.  Over yonder in Fort Worth, you can hop on a "(Millions of Americans are) Good without God" bus and get trailed by an "I still love you.  -God" bus.  LOL.   What non-DFW folk may not know:  those kinds of messages (the one from God, that is) are on lots of billboards in Texas and (I think) further east.

Is this a great country or what?


rtk said...

Can I find that as a list? They are totally delightful. Imagine, just try to imagine, the fun someone had writing those.Best one? Hard choice. Maybe You think it's hot down there? Or let's meet at my house, no, all of them. Really fun.

Jean Kazez said...

Sorry, can't find list. These billboards are fun to come across while driving across Texas. They are so disarmingly simple and friendly. Just a few notes form a very friendly god. Love the sign off.

- God