Point of Inquiry

If you're looking for podcasts, this is a treasure trove. (Do you have other podcasts to recommend?) More on this interview with psychologist Bruce Hood tomorrow.


UPDATE: I was going to follow up with a post called "My Son the Counterexample," but then I asked my son if he wouldn't mind being used as a counterexample. Well, it turned out he did mind. Fancy that! It was only going to involve a few acutely embarrassing episodes from his childhood...Touchy, touchy! In any event, the interview's fascinating, and I'm going to have to have a look at Bruce Hood's book Supersense.

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Oscar said...

This is a really good podcast series, thanks a lot! I really liked the interviews with Peter Singer, Philip Kitcher, and Ann Druyan especially.

Another good one is TVO's Big Ideas lecture series, although it may be a little too Canadian for some (many) of you, haha. The lecture by John Ralston Saul on what constitutes the Canadian national identity is extremely interesting!