Animal Cams and the Existence of God

All over the blogosphere, everyone seems to be fascinated with animal cams. Here's one I just saw at Feminist Philosophers.

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Animal cams are just about the only thing that make me feel slightly agnostic about the existence of God.  What huh?  Well, think of these eagles.  They have no notion whatever that they're being watched by nearly a million viewers.  They can't begin to conceive of the nature of those viewers.  They don't know, and can't know, about The Human Mind.  Isn't it just slightly possible that there are things beyond our ken as well?  In fact, could some other force be watching us right now?  Maybe aliens, who have unimaginable ways of keeping us under surveillance?  Then again, if something could be watching us like we watch these eagles, couldn't that something be goddish, even though it's hard to imagine how it could really be goddish? If I am a 6 out of 7 atheist (like Richard Dawkins!), not a 7 out of 7, I think animal cams are the main reason for that.  No really, I mean it!

I won't say QED, because nothing's been proven. A more suitable ending for this post would be this--

For further reading (read it to find out why):

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westwood said...

That was a pretty epic post.

Although if the animal cam has enough viewers to warrant an advertisement being played before it, nevermind god... what does that say about human nature?